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Colon/Pancreatic Cancer

Without my father, John Vukovic, there would be no Pau D'Arco Taheebo Tea Club:

My father was diagnosed with colon cancer November, 1998. He was taken to the Houston Medical Center in Texas where surgery was performed. The surgeon however could only remove half of the cancerous mass since the cancer cells had already spread through the colon wall to the pancreas.

The doctor who preformed the surgery decided not to remove my dad's complete colon because his life expectancy was only months, but aggressive chemo and radiation therapies would commence as soon as his wounds from surgery healed. My father was released from the hospital and scheduled to come back in two weeks.

At home my father received concerned calls and well wishes from friends and family. One of our friends told him about Pau D'Arco Taheebo Tea and brought some to my father. Since you have to drink something anyway, my father started drinking the tea. Two weeks passed and my father went back to the hospital but his surgical wound had not yer healed so they could not start chemo or radiation treatments. he was told to come back in a week.

This went on for two months - wound hasn't healed, come back in a week. Meanwhile my father, who's normal pre-cancer weight was 180 lbs., and whose weight had fallen to less than 130 lbs., kept drinking the tea.

Finally the wound healed. At that point a CT scan was performed to identify where the cancer was prior to starting treatment. But, they couldn't see any cancer on the CT scan. They told my father that something must be wrong with their CT scan machine since the surgeons report said he left half the cancerous mass that was on the pancreas in my father.

Since my father had already drank the contrast dye, they sent him to the hospital next door which also had a CT scan machine, so he wouldn't have to come back the following week after their machine was fixed. The hospital next door took another scan and again no cancer. A colonoscopy and other tests were performed, but they also showed my father to be cancer free. So, my father never received chemo or radiation treatments.

That was 14 years ago. He continues to drink pau d'arco taheebo tea daily and he's still cancer free. I'm grateful my father is still now alive and healthy at 80 years of age. Without him in our lives my 14 year old son could not go swimming with his grandpa for 4 hours each day at Woodland Hills park during summer vacation, and bicycle together to the library two miles away to return his library books.

There are a lot of articles about Pau D'Arco Taheebo on the web. Since for me this is a labor of love, and all my family drinks it, the purity is important - that's why my friends and I started the Pau D'arco Taheebo Tea Club. If you'd like to speak with me, please call the office at (818) 610-8088, or my cell phone at (818) 885-6842, or email me at The web site is

May your family receive the blessings that my family, and so many others, have received from the tea.

Milan Vukovic
Founding Member
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